Battle of the Books – End Game

I wanted to say thank you to all of the folks who came to the Battle of the Books. I enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone.

For those of you who expressed an interest in writing, I wish you the best of luck, and if you have any questions for me, feel free to use the contact form on the Email Keith page.   I was fortunate to have help from others, and if I can pass that on I’m more than happy to.

The competition was a lot of fun, and as always I felt honored to stand with such talented authors.



Battle of the Books – 2014


The battle lines have been drawn!

Frost covers the ground as the champions step forward.  Three warrior stand before the crowd, their weapons raised in silent salute. The master of ceremonies nods, and they move into position. Facing one another the first warrior draws his weapon.

What: Three authors will read excerpts of their work which will be voted on by the audience. Audience participation is encouraged. There will be games and prizes.  Fun for everyone.

When: November 22, 2014 – 1 to 3 PM

Where: Nazareth Library, Nazareth PA (map)

Who: Michael Flynn, Keith Keffer, & David Miller

Hosted by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

Copies of Shaper of Stone and Shaper of Air will be available for purchase at a discounted price. If you already have a copy, bring it with you and get it signed.

Shaper of Air – Now Available on Amazon


After a few delays, I’m thrilled to announce the release of Shaper of Air, the second book in The Shaper series.  If you enjoyed Shaper of Stone, you’ll love this exciting sequel.

Grab your copy today.

Shaper of Air at


I’m Devin Symms, the last of the Shapers. I possess the power to alter the world by will alone. At least that’s the theory. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. It might be easier if I was actually from this world.

I’m not. A crazy old man opened a portal to Earth and pulled me through. He held me prisoner while siphoning my power to create an even larger gateway, one that would allow him to restore the souls of the dead.

Yeah, that didn’t quite work out either. He’s gone, but I’m still here with no way home.

Something came through the second portal before it collapsed. Dark shapes that scattered across the land in a mad scramble for human hosts. They are embraced as gods by some and feared as monsters by others.

With the aid of my friends, I’ll travel the kingdom and beyond to discover the secrets of these creatures.

I have to. They made it personal.

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