A Page Break in Open Office

At some point you’ll end a paragraph and want the next line to start on a new page.  You might be tempted to press the ENTER key a lot of times until you reach the next page.  Don’t do it. Put your hands up and back away from the keyboard.

The problem with just pressing ENTER a bunch of times is that when you publish your ebook, all of those new lines will still be there, but the number of lines displayed on each page can be different for everyone who reads your book.  Instead of taking the reader to a new page, you’ll just create a lot of blank space in the book.

Instead when you want to force a page break press the CTRL key and the ENTER key at the same time.  That will immediately start a new page without adding unnecessary blank lines to the document.

You can also click on the Insert menu at the top of the OpenOffice document and select Manual Break.  The Insert Break window will display and most likely the Page Break option will already be selected.  If it is, click the OK button.  That’s a wee bit more to remember than just pressing CTRL and ENTER.

OpenOffice: Add Page Breaks