Shaper of Air


Shaper of Air

Book 2 of The Shaper Series

A Novel by Keith Keffer

With no home to call his his own, Devin agrees to travel to Verama with the Whitebarrow Ambassador in the hopes of learning more about the portal which brought him into this world. Dark dreams plague the novice Shaper as he continues to struggle with his emerging power. Separated from his mentors he no longer has their wisdom or aid to guide him on his journey.

Unfortunately there are those on the Whitebarrow Council who question the wisdom of letting Devin wander through the countryside on his own and have taken steps to put him on a leash.

Unknown to Devin and his companions a dark force has awakened in the south and the tribes of thralkin who live in the Dartorca Mountains have become restless. Never a peaceful people, they are not known for traveling beyond their borders. Until now. A new leader has risen, and it is driven to uncover the secret of the portal which brought Devin to Harith.

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