Vatrale (Origins)


Shaper of Stone – Origins

A short story by Keith Keffer

Vatrale CoverThis is a companion story for Shaper of Stone, the first book of The Shaper series. If you haven’t already read Shaper of Stone, you may wish to do so first.

Vatrale is a Shaper. He possesses the ability to shape stone and wood with the strength of his will. Together with the woman he loves, they discover a portal to another realm.

It is a void filled with creatures of shadow eager to break free. Before Vatrale can grasp what they have done, the portal collapses, and his love is gone.

A creature of darkness has been unleashed into the world. It drifts from village to village. The dried husks of its victims are the only sign of its passing, leaving a trail for Vatrale to follow. Although whether his quest is one of vengeance or redemption, even he could not say.

(approximately 40 print pages)

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