The Promises of Demons

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Morgan Star is alone and out of options. Could a demon seeking redemption be the savior she seeks?

When the police call off the search for Morgan’s young cousin, she’ll do anything to get him home safely, and that includes casting a spell to bind a demon to her service. The spell turned out to be the easy part. She wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Hellspawn creatures, mysterious cultists, and an evil witch right out of a child’s fairy tale all stand between Morgan and the safe return of her cousin.

Can Morgan trust the word of a demon, or will he put his desire for freedom over his promises to her?

The Promises of Demons is the first book in an urban fantasy series where myths and fairy tales come to life. If you enjoy fast paced action with likeable heroes going toe to toe with the forces of evil, then you’ll love this first installment in Keith Keffer’s The Witch of Whitebridge series.

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