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Even Demons Need a Little Help

Dianna Sinovic read an excerpt from my short story, “Support Hell,” at the recent Battle of the Short Stories held at the Palmer Library. It was an honor to have her select something from my story, and I loved the way she performed the dialog.

In the scene she selected, a minor demon named Paz had just called Level Nine Support. Humans were preparing to evict him from his new home, and he needed help from a disgruntled support specialist.

small_GLVWG_CoverDianna Sinovic is the author of “Cold Front.” It is available in the GLVWG Writes Stuff anthology.

GLVWG Writes Stuff is available at, or from the GLVWG website.




Shaper of Air – Now Available on Amazon


After a few delays, I’m thrilled to announce the release of Shaper of Air, the second book in The Shaper series.  If you enjoyed Shaper of Stone, you’ll love this exciting sequel.

Grab your copy today.

Shaper of Air at


I’m Devin Symms, the last of the Shapers. I possess the power to alter the world by will alone. At least that’s the theory. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. It might be easier if I was actually from this world.

I’m not. A crazy old man opened a portal to Earth and pulled me through. He held me prisoner while siphoning my power to create an even larger gateway, one that would allow him to restore the souls of the dead.

Yeah, that didn’t quite work out either. He’s gone, but I’m still here with no way home.

Something came through the second portal before it collapsed. Dark shapes that scattered across the land in a mad scramble for human hosts. They are embraced as gods by some and feared as monsters by others.

With the aid of my friends, I’ll travel the kingdom and beyond to discover the secrets of these creatures.

I have to. They made it personal.