Welcome to 2014

I’m excited about 2014.

The beginning of a new year is like waking up to freshly fallen snow. It is pure and untouched yet full of potential. Do you remember waking up as a kid, seeing the snow and then hearing that school was closed for the day. The excitement that ran through you as you tried to figure out where you would begin. Will there be a snowball fight? How many snowmen will we make. What will they look like. Who is going to fall off the sled first. That is how I look at the new year. There are so many cool things that I want to try over the next twelve months, I can’t wait to get started.

OK, some of those things have already been started. One novel is being wrapped up, a new one has been started. I’ll be talking more about roleplaying games, karate and the new books that I discover during the year.

You’ll see a lot of this image over the next couple of months.  What is it you ask? Well it has something to do with the new book. For now all I want to say about it is that this story will be completely separate from the Shaper series.min_preview_20140101_gray_door



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