What if the League of Assassins had a Theme Song?

Image from arrow.wikia.com

Have you watched Arrow on the CW?  That show is one of the many things that fights for control of my time, but thanks to the power of TIVO I am able to resist. At least for a little while.

In the current season, The League of Assassins has decided that The Arrow will be their next leader. Now that might make sense based on the fact that The Arrow is this awesome, ninja-like vigilante who haunts the night.

What The League has failed to consider is that before Oliver Queen was The Arrow he was a rich-kid who spent all his time partying.

Or maybe they haven’t. Maybe the reason they want to have an ex-party-animal as their new leader is because they want him to lighten the place up.

Have you seen their lair? Nothing but open flames, bare stone, and instruments of death.  I think they are secretly hoping that Ollie will bring in an open bar, disco balls and some live music.

The League knows that It’s time to break free of their ancient traditions and move into the 21st century.

Rumor has it they even have a new theme song picked out to play when Ollie takes over.

One of my minions loves this song. Every morning while I am writing, he is sitting next to me playing The Ninja Song, and for the rest of the day “I’m a ninja, and I’m gonna gitcha.” is running through my head. Well, at least it pushed out The Banana Splits Song which amazingly is more popular on YouTube than The Ninja Song.

What do you think? Is that the right theme for the new, modern-era league, or is there another that would suit them better? What’s your favorite theme song?


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